UPTOWN NEW OCTOBERLife of A City .. Luxury of A Compound

The Uptown New October is characterized by the unique integrated modern vision of “The Township”; an urban community with integrated services and facilities, providing ideal opportunities for housing and investment.






Township Concept A Golden Glimpse

Uptown 6 October Real Estate Development is the first developer to build on the mini-town or “Township” concept in Egypt where sustainability and liveability come together to create a luxurious inspired quality of life.

All our projects are innovative hybrid properties combining the basic needs of today’s ambitious generation of entrepreneurs, business travellers and trendsetters in finding a haven that caters to all their basic needs.

Township Concept Services

Moreover, Uptown 6 October provides an all-in-one package of services that includes (Managing lands and real estate asset, contracting residential, administrative and commercial construction works & Leasing, management and operation).

All the Uptown 6 October Real estate architecture speaks luxury, art, and exclusivity that will stand out and stand the test of time as we firmly believe what sets us apart is what moves us forward.


AMENITIESReception and security

AMENITIESProfessional maintenance

AMENITIESTechnical equipment

AMENITIESSmart house system

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The new Uptown 6th of October project is characterized by a modern integrated and unique vision of the “town”. An urban community with integrated services and facilities, providing ideal housing and investment opportunities.

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